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Ethical tourism in Nepal

September 03, 2016

The simple act of travelling to somewhere is a way of polluting that place with ideologies, culture, and material waste that we bring along with ourselves, We have to realize that our act would be shared by kids and teenager there and we need to understand that our bad habits can emulated there, and therefore, we must realize the simple act of travelling to somewhere wouldn’t suffice anymore because eventually contributes to destruction of a region. However, destruction and development, changes are all inevitable, there will be new roads, towns grow, and societies develop. And as individual can’t do much to stop it, because there will be a benefit to locals in the region.

Hence, it is even more important in today's date that we have a responsibility to the destination. This is where consumer choice and power really come to us. Our dollars go very far in developing countries, and the business in there will change if we demand it. So, start demanding ecologically friendly and good environmental practices. Besides that, we talk to the locals, get to know the region, the problems, know what they need, know how we can help them, spread the word if help is required, live with them in a homestay instead of hotel or guesthouse, learn more about their lifestyle so when the need comes to preserve it we can come handy, and when we go back home tell others about the wonders and intricacies of life we witnessed.

Happy travelling, without measuring miles and counting places that we have ever been.

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